GangWarsRP STools are used to interact with the gamemode sided entities. You can find them at the bottom of your spawn menu.

List of SToolsEdit

Fading Door ToolEdit

The Fading Door Tool is one of the most commonly used tools in basing, the tool is used to create fading doors which can be triggered by pressing the respective key you had set in the prop spawn menu, or by using a keypad with the same activation / deactivation keys as you had set.

Note: Fading Doors are not allowed to be used to trap people, this is considered FDA (Fading Door Abuse)

Keypad ToolEdit

Mainly used in combination with the fading door tool, the keypad can be cracked using a Keypad Cracker.

Power ToolEdit

The Power Tool was introduced with the Power Patch, it is used to Power your eletrical appliances such as Money Printers , Money Launderers and Material Forges . To use it simply left click a Power Socket or Generator and then left click again on your item. The connection between the socket/generator and the item is indicated with a blue laser between them. Dragging the item away from a Power Socket or Generator will cause them to unplug and will no longer function until reconnected.


This tool is used to change the material of the prop it is used on.

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