You can use these entities with the power tool to power entities that require power such as money printers, material forges, money launderers, crafting wheels and drug farming equipment.

Power SocketEdit

These entities are used to supply electronics with power. They are found in every building along a wall. The number of sockets in a building varies from 0 to 5.

Power GeneratorEdit

The generator is a mobile form of the Power Socket. Power Generators require fuel to supply power and they have to be refilled over time as the fuel decreases.

There are different kinds of generators, all use the same amount of fuel, but they vary in sockets:

E-chip Generators

  • 2 Slot Generator
  • 4 Slot Generator
  • 6 Slot Generator
  • 8 Slot Generator

Gang Generators

  • 10 Slot Gang Generator
  • 12 Slot Gang Generator

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