Overclocker Forge(empty)

Overclockers are used to increase the XP and money gained from Money Printers. The overclockers increases the output amount by a yet unknown percentage. The higher value MHz your Overclocker has, the better it is. The value goes from no charge(0) to +150 MHz.


Overclocker Forge(Charging)

Overclocker ForgeEdit

The Overclocker Forge can be spawned by pressing the F4 menu and then clicking on the Overclocker Forge icon. The Overclocker Forge(s) need power in order to operate and overclock your Overclockers.

When you spawn an overclocker forge, it will display that it is "empty"(look at the picture to the right). Once you have powered up the Overclocker Forge itself, you now spawn an Overclocker from the F4 menu. Grab it with your Gravity Gun and push it into the Overclocker Forge.

Overclocker(no charge)

Overclocker(No Charge)

The Overclocker Forge will now change from < Empty > to < Charging > which means that it is now in the progress of overclocking your Overclocker. Once it has been overclocked it will drop out the front of the Overclocker Forge(the side with the handle on).

Be aware that the Overclocker may not be fully charged(150 MHz) in your first attempt to overclock it. To increase the MHz simply re-insert it into the Overclocker Forge and wait as it overclocks your Overclocker.


The Overclocker can be spawned by pressing the F4 menu and then clicking on the Overclocker icon. The Overclocker will spawn with < no charge > but can be inserted into the Overclocker Forge to be overclocked. The max MHz

Overclocker(150 MHz)

an Overclocker can obtain is +150 MHz. If the Overclocker drops out with less than +150 MHz, you can simply re-insert it to have the MHz increased. This may take up to 4 times to be fully charged.

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