These are all the money printers in GangWars.


Money printers are the primary way of earning money in Gangwars RP, as they provide quick and easy money.

Money printer overviewEdit

  • Amber Money Printer(5+)
  • Moonstone Money Printer(10+)
  • Quartz Money Printer(15+)
  • Amethyst Money Printer(20+)
  • Emerald Money Printer(25+)
  • Diamond Money Printer(30+)
  • Amber Money Factory(35+)
  • Moonstone Money Factory(40+)
  • Quartz Money Factory(45+)
  • Amethyst Money Factory(50+)
  • Emerald Money Factory(55+)
  • Diamond Money Factory(60+)
  • Amber Money Silo(65+)
  • Moonstone Money Silo(70+)
  • Quartz Money Silo(75+)
  • Amethyst Money Silo(80+)
  • Emerald Money Silo(85+)
  • Diamond Money Silo(90+)


Gaining extra PrintersEdit


A player can only spawn four money printers(5/6 with Print Master.) However, a player can own up to ten printers by stealing them from other players. In order to steal a money printer from a player, you must take the money from it, when the player who currently owns it, is at a certain distance. An easy way to tell if a player is out of range is whether you can see them on your minimap or not (if they're from your gang).

Temporary TheftEdit

By having a "Trusted Friend" steal your initial printers. An extra set of printers can be spawned. Stealing back your origional set of printers will result in you haveing swice the normal amount of printers ready to use (not to mention the bonus XP from stealing back your printers)

Printer ExpansionsEdit

Expansions can be bought for credits. Each expansion allowing the buying of one additional printer, and the use of two additional printers. This expansion can be used twice. totalling 2 additional bought printers and 4 additional stolen/player bought printers.

Buying from other playersEdit

Players often sell their printers when they don't plan on farming for 15-30 minutes. You can easily make a profitable transaction by selling your printers when you don't need them!

Efficient Use of Boosters and Coolers
2012-04-08 00002

An example of efficient Booster usage on 10 Diamond Printers


In many bases, power sockets are placed close enough together to allow a single set of Printer Boosters to cool/boost more than the 4 printers connected to a single socket.

This idea can be combined with printers powered by a generator to dramatically reduce money spent on boosters, and get more "bang for your buck" from the individual boosters.

One Booster only affects a maximum amount of 14 Devices, so make sure to spawn enough boosters for all your devices.

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