Money is the primay currency of GangWars.It can be gained from multiple sources that are not limited to:

  • Producing money from money printers.
  • Producing money from money launders.
  • Collecting evidence from a murder.
  • Arresting a wanted player.
  • Investing in the stock market.
  • Selling items and shipments to other players.
  • Collecting interest on your deposit at the bank.
  • Earning payment from other players as a banker.
  • Selling shipments of drugs.
  • Winning a lottery.
  • Producing security turrets and selling them to other players.
  • Stealing goods from another player's home or base.
  • Destroying the map as a terrorist.
  • Singing for money as a hobo.
  • Performing hits on other players as a hitman.
  • Paychecks on payday.
  • Being employed with a contract from another player.
  • Pickpocketing others players with a pickpocket tool.

You will need money for many different things. Money will take you far and wide and you'll need money to buy pretty much everything you need. Money will allow you to do the following. These options are not limited to.

  • Buying Printers
  • Buying Guns
  • Buying Armor
  • Buying Blueprints
  • Trade for other items with players
  • Paying for rent
  • Depositing money in the bank
  • Upgrading your guns' level.

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