Let's Play Gang Wars RP - Part 20 - More Mining21:36

Let's Play Gang Wars RP - Part 20 - More Mining

A player mining and completing quests


Players mining a moonstone node with their mining lasers

Mining is something that is primarily done by levels 1-30, and can be done by miners or anybody with a mining laser equipped.

Different nodesEdit

There are currently 6 different nodes to mine as a miner. These are the nodes in order from least to most rare








There is no killing allowed in the mines, and miners cannot kill for people mining their nodes. Miners can however, kill if someone takes their fragments with the gravity gun.


Mining luck is a feature that allows a player to mine more fragments and/or have a better chance of the fragments being his (if two players are mining the same node) Luck can be acquired via the craftable mining tool, rings, and upgrading the miner profession.

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