Mechs are player-owned, AI-controlled fighting robots that are able to attack other robots. In order to attack another robot, the controlling player has to click the target and attack button next to the mech hotkey bar. The mech main menu can be opened by opening the dropdown menu below the XP bar and clicking the mech icon.

Mech MissionsEdit

At level 15 you are able to start your first mission at Tom Hazakov(located at Robotic Mechanics) which, upon completion rewards you with a level 15+(note: this is the required player level, not the level of the mech!) mech. In order to start attacking robots with your mech you will need to complete the next mission which rewards you with a mech weapon with randomly generated stats.

Mech XPEdit

Mechs gain XP for every robot kill and can advance up to level 99. As the mech progresses in levels, more mech skills and mech skill upgrades get unlocked.

Mech skillsEdit

Mech skills can be used by the player to buff its own mech or to debuff another robot. Skills can be attached to the hotkey bar by left clicking an empty slot, right clicking will remove the selected skill from the hotkey bar. The player can use a skill by left clicking it on the hotkey bar. Some skills require a target to be selected.

Mech equipmentEdit

Mechs can equip a power core, memory, a CPU and two weapons. Mech equipment can be upgraded using mech upgrades.

Mech upgradesEdit

<To be updated, use reference: Upgrades>

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