Wikki keypad

Keypad cracker

Summary Edit

The Keypad Cracker is a "weapon" that is used to crack keypads, usually with the intent of opening a fading door. Keypads are generally the cornerstone of a player's base, thus making the Keypad Cracker an extremely useful and important tool.


A Keypad Cracker can be obtained through many different methods. Some jobs, such as the Police, Mob Boss, and Thief automatically spawn with a version of the Keypad Cracker. Some other jobs, such as a Merchant, can buy Keypad Crackers through the F4 menu and sell them to other players (or use them for their own purposes!)


There are three tiers of Keypad Crackers, each of which successfully cracks a keypad faster than the former.

  • A normal Keypad Cracker is the cheapest cracker, but also takes the longest to crack a keypad.
  • A Pro Keypad Cracker is an upgraded version of a normal keypad cracker that cracks keypads slightly faster than its younger brother.
  • The Master Keypad Cracker can crack a keypad in three seconds, thus making it the fastest keypad cracker.

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