The GangWars Halloween 2010 event was a competition to collect as many Pumpkins as you could. Pumpkins were collected from money printers and world spawns.

The top 20 collects of pumpkins were awarded the Death Scythe, and players were awarded a Scythe for collecting 10 pumpkins.

Top 20 Pumpkin CollectorsEdit

Glazed 1740
Mini Jew 1417
Hunter 1169
Custardio 1127
fruity 1115
Arran 1000
Ruxandra 956
GovOne 900
Russel 869
Tank Bob 861
Predator 848
Maldark 841
KokkosBananen 802
Enjoi 774
Lobo Branco 743
XylTexz 707
Holy 704
MentleGen? 699
Dexoxide 680
[F.E.A.R!] MikkiRasmussen 673

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