The Heads Up Display, (or HUD) has many functions. I.E. To show your health, armour and experience, to show you where you are and what is near via the Radar, or to allow you to access your inventory, credit shop menu, etc.

HUD elementsEdit

XP barEdit


Gangwars Experience Bar

The experience bar shows the current percentage of your level, and resets once you reach the required experience.



Gangwars Radar

The radar shows multiple things. It will show you player names when they are near. When you are wanted the police light will flash on and off. When you have the hazard sign above your head, the hazard icon will flash. When you have a hit on you, the hit cotification bar will drop down.

Health, armor and special iconsEdit

Bottom right

Gangwars health and armour bars

The top bar is your health, and the bottom bar is your armour. They will both drop accordingly when you are attacked.
Bottom left

Gangwars information bar

This is your information bar. It indicates the amount of money you have, along with your job title. It also has buttons for getting into the following menus:

  • Character View
  • Inventory
  • Job Menu
  • F1 Menu
  • Credit Shop Menu

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