Crime City is the name of one of the maps that the GangWarsRP servers are running. It is currently hosted on one server located in EU.

The map is created by Carlanton who was hired by Mercior to create this map.


The Crime City map is devided into 5 main areas. Fountain, Downtown, Industrial, Residential and Harbour.


Fountain is the area of which you are teleported to once you leave the spawn room. This is also where the blacksmith, the refiner and The Don are located.

Bucket Bob is also located near the fountain area, and Borris the Blade as well as a Druggie are located in the tunnel between Fountain and Industrial.

Buildings Rent Sockets Bonus Info
Basement $100 3
Fountain Apartment 1 $178.75 5
Fountain Apartment 2 $178.75 2
Fountain Apartment 3 $178.75 2
Fountain House $1,360 4
Fountain Office $1,815 6
Fountain Shop 1 $135 2
Fountain Shop 2 $135 2
Fountain Warehouse $1,815 2
Warehouse Shop $135 2


Buildings Rent Sockets Bonus Info
Industrial Storage Facility $1,815 6
Industrial Garage $240 3
Power Plant $3,600 8
Weapon Factory $50000 0 This is a factory building
Storage Garage $3,600 14


A Druggie is located in Downtown. Accross from the bank, and between two of the flat buildings in the alley.

Buildings Rent Sockets Bonus Info
Downtown Flat A $240 3
Downtown Flat B $415 3
Downtown Warehouse $660 4
Bank $0 3 You must be banker to base here
Police Station $0 0 You must be Police or Mayor to base here
Downtown Shop 1 $135 2
Downtown Shop 2 $135 2
Gas Station $100 2


Jimmy Toker is also located in the Residential Area. This is also where Santa is located during the Christmas Event.

Buildings Rent Sockets Bonus Info
Residential Luxury House $1,575.75 3
Residential House 1 $660 2
Residential House 2 $1,578.75 4
Residential Luxury 2 $2,935 6


Big Black Jack and Baby Face are located in the Harbour area.

Buildings Rent Sockets Bonus Info
Box Inc $1,360 6
Northern Petrol Office $50,000 4 This is a factory building.
Northern Petrol Tanker $3,600 6

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