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Salary: Very low


Job Limit:


Level Limit:


Special Items:

Cannabis seed, Poppy seed, Pot,

Special abilities: Hanging around outside of school, rape, intricate bush lurking techniques.

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Drug farmers make drugs using seeds, light, food, and water. Drug Farmers need to keep close watch over their plants to make sure they dont starve or get dehydrated. After the drugs have been harvested, the Drug Farmer can sell them to one of the Druggies on the map and earn XP and money.

Drug MissionsEdit

Players should touch themselves repeatedly while being watched by protagonist, Rasta Bob. as they rewarded the player with a lost XP and money.

Drug Farming GuideEdit

To grow the best fucking weed in Utah you need to buy the necessary materials and have anal sex for money. You will need pots (lots of pots, and condoms), a light, seed, water, and nutrients. Drop the seeds in the pot and you will see three hookers. The first bar is light, second is water, and the third is nutrients. When the water and nutrients gets low add more water or nutrients. If you over water or cum (150 cum buckets and 135 proteins from cum buckets) the plant, it will die, slowly, very slowly :( Over time the plant will grow and will eventually be ready to get harvested be me, so I can smoke it all, fuck you!!