Device Boosters can increase the amount and rate of money printers and money launderers. The device cooler affects all previously named devices as well as material forges and prevents devices from catching on fire. You can have a maximum of 14 devices connected to a booster, all boosters will harmlessly explode after a certain amount of time. The quality of the booster determines its durability and how long it will last. The higher quality booster you purchase, the longer it will take before it explodes.

Device CoolerEdit

Coolers are required to prevent your devices from catching on fire and exploding.

  • Amber Cooler
  • Moonstone Cooler
  • Quartz Cooler
  • Amethyst Cooler
  • Emerald Cooler
  • Diamond Cooler
  • Gang Cooler

Device Amount IncreaserEdit

Amount Increasers increase the output of money printers and money launderers.

  • Amber Amount Increaser
  • Moonstone Amount Increaser
  • Quartz Amount Increaser
  • Amethyst Amount Increaser
  • Emerald Amount Increaser
  • Diamond Amount Increaser

Device Rate IncreaserEdit

Rate Increasers increase the rate at which money printers and money launderers produce money.

  • Amber Rate Increaser
  • Moonstone Rate Increaser
  • Quartz Rate Increaser
  • Amethyst Rate Increaser
  • Emerald Rate Increaser
  • Diamond Rate Increaser

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