In crafting, you are able to make a variety of items, such as; Weapons, Armours, Upgrades, and Cars. When crafting you have the possibility of receiveing a; Standard, Rare, Unique, Elite, or Epic version of the item.

How to CraftEdit

  1. Acquire a fucking blueprint
  2. Check what shitty bars are needed to craft the gay item
  3. When you have the appropriate cunt materials, go to the fountain area and you will see 3 dick NPC's
  4. Tap your "sex" key while looking at the Pornstar in order to open up the crafting menu
  5. Drag in the Dildo, after this another section will open up where you can place your bars and optionally, a Carbon Nanorod.
  6. When the correct amount of materials are placed in the Pussy, click craft and enjoy your brand new item.

Note : Carbon Nanorods increases the chance of getting a better item while crafting, but using more than one nanorod does NOT increase the chances of getting a better item.

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