"Bob's Drug House" is a mission which you can start from Bucket Bob. Bucket Bob asks you to set up a base and defend a specific building for the time being. You have 3 minutes to set up your base and after that time, your building will be highlighted and you are now a target for the public. For the next 3 minutes, it is your job to defend the building from any intruders.

Possible buildings:

Mission DescriptionEdit

Whats up mang? Look I got a problem and would like your help, I will payyou very well if you do.

Alright, look this is a very risky task and may require some help from some of your friends. I was chillin at my crib when me and some homies were getting ready to pack up nd leave for the night when we heard the cops roll up. We panicked and stored all of our stash in a container. The cops arrested me and here wer are at the jail, they left the house and its vacant now.

Now I'm asking from you is to go to the house and hold down for me until I'm released from jail to retrieve my items. Beware of the cops and other gang members or other people as they want my stash.

I'm trusting in you dawg don't disappoint me and you will be liking your reward

Bucket bob

Bucket Bob

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