Blueprints can be bought in the Blueprint Shop (F4 -> Items -> Blueprint Shop)

Weapon BlueprintsEdit



Sniper Rifles


Armor BlueprintsEdit

Human Armor

Human Gangland Armor Set

Human Riot Armor SetEdit

Human Scout Armor SetEdit

Human Tactical Armor SetEdit

Human Commander Armor SetEdit

Human Titan Armor SetEdit

Ibin ArmorEdit

Ibin Ibix Armor

Ibin Osirix Armor

Ibin Tanix Armor

Ibin Nefarus Armor

Ibin Scribal Armor

Ibin Sol Armor

Miscellaneous BlueprintsEdit

Upgrade BlueprintsEdit

Accessory BlueprintsEdit

Orb Blueprints

  • Stasis
  • Glitch
  • Infinite


In 1.0 and beta, blueprints could only be acquired by buying them, finding them, or farming drugs. The blueprints could be found in random locations in the map, but they functioned differently than dropped items. They were not floating icons, instead, they were like props that you could pick up. 

In 2.0 however, blueprints can be bought from the shop. The only blueprints that have to be found are orb blueprints, and they are dropped from golems, spiders, shock crusaders and undead.

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