Crafting materials are required to craft blueprints into weapons, and armor. You can obtain fragments from material forges or the AnkhTek mine. Nanorods can be obtained from Robco, killing mech bosses and missions, they are used to increase crafting luck.

List of MaterialsEdit


Bars are crafted in ( E-Chip[F4] / Items / Refine Bars )

Note [ You can do more then one stack of fragments at a time ]


Can be mined from crystals using the "Mining Laser" supplyed by the Miner profession, which is bought in (E-Chip[F4] / Profile / Profession )

Nanorods ( Obtained from Forges )

Nanorods are used in crafted & at robco/defence facility in the catalyser. To use in crafting put into the top right slot in the manufacture menu, will increase the luck of crafting a better item.

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