"Baby Face's Stash" is a mission which you can start from Baby Face. Baby Face asks you to go on an errand mission for him.

Mission Route: Baby Face -> Big Black Jack -> Baby Face -> Borris the Blade

Mission DescriptionEdit

Eyyyyyyyyyy man. What's up? Come 'ere for a sec. I need help.

Well, here it is. I have a stash of Vodka and I know how much russians are fond of vodka so borris will love this shit! So we will need a crate first to put this vodka in I believe Big Black Jack has one in his alley go see if he has one. Then we can store this shit in there and send it over to borris.

When you get the crate come back to me and we will put the vodka in that.


Baby Face

>For a more detailed conversation/mission log, go to missions.

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