"Baby Face's Little Deal" is a mission which you can start from Baby Face. Baby Face asks you to go on an errand mission for him.

Mission Route: Baby Face ->

Mission DescriptionEdit

You over there, c'mere and gimme a hand with something.

I've got a big deal goin' down tonight, but the little fuckers who roam the streets at night know. So me deliverin' my shit would be risky and tough Was wnderin' if you could help a brother out and be my middleguy for our deal.

If you can do this deal straight up safe and clean, I can hook yous up with somethin' nice, you know what I'm sayin? Go talk to Bucket Bob first, he's supposed to have the shit. Take this cash, give it to him when he proves he has what we need. Peace out homie, see you soon.


Baby Face

>For a more detailed conversation/mission log, go to missions.

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