"Baby Face's Hidden Treasure" is a mission which you can start from Baby Face. Baby Face asks you to go on an errand mission for him.

Mission Route: Baby Face ->

Mission DescriptionEdit

Eyyyyyyyyyy man. What's up? Come 'ere for a sec. I need help.

Well, here it is. I heard about some hidden stash on some ships on these docks but I dont have anything to get into them with, but I got some friends that do so I need you to run around town and grab those items for me.

All I'm askin is that you run around town getting these items so I can be rich mmk? Since I heard Bucket Bob has some lockpicks run by him and grab those. Here's some cash go run by him and get these for me please thanks!


Baby Face

>For a more detailed conversation/mission log, go to missions.

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